Management Services

Management Services

measure strategic achievements

realising business benefits

minimising the long-term cost


Based on emerging trends, and the evolving and dynamic nature of Project Management in today’s demanding environment, proven traditional practices and processes are tailored and aligned to the Client’s organisational assets.

This approach, apart from encouraging effective stakeholder management, increases the probability of fully satisfying our Client’s needs and expectations. This represents V3’s commitment to rendering a value-add service that differentiates to a unique experience.

The success of a project is not only measured according to the four pillars of cost, quality, scope and time, but rather by achieving the objectives of the Client’s Business Case.

Where the output and deliverables are used to measure strategic achievements when assessing and realizing business benefits. Moreover, the V3 team promote that Value Engineering and Total Cost of Ownership are critical processes in minimizing the long-term cost of maintenance and operations of buildings and structures, in addition to providing a solution that is apt and fit-for-purpose, cost-effective and not over-designed.