Mmakgoshi Mmanare Foundation

V3 Consulting Engineers takes immense pride in the hardworking and determined youth of the communities where it operates. One notable initiative is their sponsorship of the Mmakgoshi Mmanare Foundation over the past two years, supporting their educational campaigns and ceremonies in both 2022 and 2023.

The Mmakgoshi Mmanare Foundation plays a crucial role in assisting top learners by providing essential resources such as university registration fees, laptops, printers, travel bags, iPads, refrigerators, stationery, smartphones, and more. This support is instrumental in helping these bright minds pursue their educational aspirations and reach their full potential.

In recognition of their contributions, V3 Consulting Engineers received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Foundation. This acknowledgment reflects V3’s commitment to nurturing the potential of future leaders and contributing to a brighter, transformative South African landscape.

Through initiatives like these, V3 demonstrates its dedication to empowering the youth and creating opportunities for them to excel. They continue to pave the way for a generation of future engineers and leaders embodying the values of commitment, support, and excellence.