Your partner for

development &

sustained growth

Your partner for development & sustained growth.

transforming our country

As a company, we are committed to participating in South Africa’s transformation agenda to help our country to achieve its socio-economic objectives.

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improving lives

Our service offering is driven by our organisational values which are improving lives, all conduct beyond reproach, meticulous attention to quality, success through collaboration and innovative thinking and solutions.

building the economy

Our sincere intentions of building the South African economy is based on the transformation agenda “Improving the lives of communities through Infrastructure delivery” which is our company motto.



Built Environment INFRASTRUCTURE​

We offer a comprehensive package of urban and rural civil services for existing and new residential, commercial, industrial and mining developments, both large and small.


We provide the full spectrum of mechanical services for the mining, industrial and commercial sectors.


Based on emerging trends, and the evolving and dynamic nature of Project Management in today’s demanding environment, proven traditional practices and processes are tailored and aligned to the Client’s organisational assets.


Services are offered over a wide range of transport-related infrastructure projects. These include major and minor roads, access routes, streets and railways.




The requirements of our clients, and the particular properties and constraints of the project, is the point of departure for the application of our knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to all of the required activities to ensure the required outcome of the project.

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about US

V3 Consulting Engineers is a team honoured to be able to provide our large client base with professional services that work in the long-term.

Our effective value system continually provides a solid foundation for our performance and dependable products.