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We assist our clients with policies, planning, financing, design, and implementation of infrastructure, industrial and mining infrastructure projects as well as commercial and urban development projects that enhance growth, prosperity and improved quality of life.

A project is successful only if it achieves its original goals and continues to do so throughout its lifetime. Which is why we create professional and multi-skilled teams to meet the specific demands of each and every project. Thereafter providing follow-up services for all projects, evaluating their outcome and ensuring that maintenance and management systems are in place.

Through technological excellence, and a strong social and environmental awareness, we provide cost-effective and timely engineering and development solutions.

Specific services are offered through the four divisions including:


InfrastructureWe offer a comprehensive package of urban and rural civil services for existing and new residential, commercial, industrial and mining developments, both large and small, including:

  • New and upgraded public and private infrastructure such as access routes, local streets, storm water systems and drainage canals
  • Water supply and sanitation – undertaking water supply and network investigations, expanding and upgrading water reticulation systems, and installing pumps and water connections
  • Sewage reticulation and purification – analysing exiting and new reticulation networks as well as upgrading and expanding systems including installation of pumps as required

The specific services offered includes:

  • Preliminary studies and reports including feasibility studies and business plans
  • Assistance in accessing funds and fund applications
  • Preliminary design and cost estimates followed by reporting and recommendations
  • Detail design including road alignment, geometric design, pavement design, storm water design, water reticulation and storage facilities, and sewerage networks
  • Documentation including drawings, specifications, quantity schedules and contract documents
  • Construction management and site supervision including quality management and control

Mining and Industrial

mining-industrialWe provide the full spectrum of mechanical services for the mining, industrial and commercial sectors – undertaking technical investigations, analyses and planning of mechanical services, detailed design, and maintenance specifications. These services include:

  • Any type of mechanical, structural, civil and electrical design – commercial and industrial
  • Design of shopping complexes, workshops and structural buildings
  • Audits and 3D scanning of existing mine and shaft systems, and structures
  • Studies for pre-evaluation and scoping, as well as pre-feasibility to bankable level
  • Design of shaft sinking and equipment systems including conveyances
  • Design of permanent shaft systems from headgear to shaft bottom
  • Design of mine surface and underground infrastructure
  • Mine design including “Surpac” modelling
  • Geological and geotechnical investigations and evaluations
  • EPM, PCM, owners engineers and design vetting are all covered by professional indemnity

Project Management

project_management_contentWe co-ordinate all the varied disciplines involved in a project to ensure that the objectives are achieved within the time, budget and quality framework. But more than this, we believe that good project managers become an integral part of the project, keenly in touch with what is happening behind the scenes. Only in this way can they pro-actively identify and solve issues before they escalate into the major problems that can derail a project.

Our approach is a careful balance between “hard” project management tools, such as project planning and systems, and “softer” people management tools, such as appropriate leadership styles, negotiation and conflict resolution. Project management principles are applied to all the services we offer.



Services are offered over a wide range of transport-related infrastructure projects. These include major and minor roads, access routes, streets and railways. We cover all related aspects of transport infrastructure including:

  • Bridges and major storm water structures
  • Investigations, studies and assessments including pavement conditions, deflection analyses, hydrological and environmental
  • Geotechnical investigations and foundation conditions
  • Topographical surveys – both air and land
  • Detail design including route alignment, geometric design, pavement structure, hydraulic, road furniture, bridges and culverts
  • Documentation including design and evaluation reports, cost estimation, drawings, specifications, quantity calculations, and legal documents
  • Construction administration and supervision including contract management and detailed site supervision
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